A Sleep Apnea Dentist is Your Partner in Improving Your Health

As Northern Colorado's sleep apnea dentist, we are compassionate towards those that struggle to get a good nights sleep.

As Northern Colorado’s sleep apnea dentist, we are compassionate towards those that struggle to get a good nights sleep. Being overly fatigued can negatively impact all areas of life including physical health and areas such as blood pressure. Often, difficulty sleeping is caused by obstructive sleep apnea, a significant health condition impacting around 18 million Americans each year. Obstructive sleep apnea takes place when the jaw slips backward at night. As it does so, the tongue falls backward as well, and the airways are blocked. With this obstruction, people struggle to capture breath and end up spending the night gasping for air. This is often what causes snoring sounds.

A Solution to Difficulty Sleeping

To solve the problem, we create a removable oral appliance to wear at night. This appliance is as small as a full retainer, covering both the upper and lower teeth. It surrounds the teeth entirely then hooks together in order to hold the jaw in place. As a result, the jaw is unable to move, and the tongue is also forced to stay forward. Unable to fall backward, the tongue cannot block the airways, and you can breathe peacefully, some for the first time in years.

Compared to a CPAP Machine

As a sleep apnea dentist in Windsor, we take joy in improving our patient’s quality of life. The ability to sleep soundly while breathing effortlessly is all possible when using a removable oral appliance, and given how small they are, the device is also comfortable. When comparing this solution to a CPAP machine (another solution for obstructive sleep apnea), it is abundantly clear how convenient a removable oral appliance can be. A CPAP machine can be noisy, bulky and uncomfortable, leading many people to forgo using it in favor of sleeping with less air, but resting comfortably. This is not recommended because, without oxygen, people can suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, and many more serious issues.


The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration gives another reason to ensure a good night’s sleep. The NHTSA estimates that approximately 100,000 car accidents are caused each year by drivers who are tired. Many police officers have compared the effects of driving while tired with driving while intoxicated. Those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, are at a distinct risk for being exhausted and driving while drowsy, thereby increasing their chance of getting into a car accident. By just wearing a removable oral appliance and getting restful sleep, you will wake up feeling rested and greatly reduce the risk of getting into a car wreck due to fatigue.


In our Windsor sleep apnea dentist office, we are often asked whether or not treating sleep apnea is important. We are confident that important to have sleep apnea treated due to the risk that it poses to a person’s health during sleep and during the day. In addition, to increase the risk of getting into a car wreck, raising blood pressure, and contributing to heart problems, a lack of sleep can also make it difficult to engage in normal social activities, creating an all-encompassing need to seek a solution. Benchmark Dental of Windsor provides that option.

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