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Cfast Invisible Braces

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A revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovative thought – the Cfast 6 Month Brace System utilizes nearly invisible clear braces to gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months. Click here for more information!


Dentures and partial dentures

15563472_mIf teeth have been lost, we are able to replace them with multiple types of removable prosthetic devices such as full and partial dentures. If you are missing multiple teeth, these are sometimes the least expensive means of replacing them. Partial dentures attach to remaining teeth while complete dentures or “plates” rest directly on the gum tissue where teeth used to be. We also offer repairs to existing dentures and partials. Please call or Email for more information. Some repairs may be completed the same day.

Caries (cavity) restoration

operative-laser-dentistry3Caries, or a cavity, is essentially an infection of the tooth. Bacteria form a sticky film on the teeth that damages the tooth surface with acidic secretions. This advances to a soft area of the tooth that must be removed and replaced with a restorative material. We can restore your tooth with mercury-free filling material if you prefer.

Be sure to visit our page on Laser Dentistry, which is revolutionizing the way cavities are filled.  Imagine!  No shot, no pain, no drill!



15391248_mSometimes a tooth has too much decay to be repaired with a simple filling, in other cases the tooth has broken and is weakened. Frequently a large, older filling develops decay around it, and becomes prone to fracture. In these cases, the tooth can be preserved and/or saved with a crown. The tooth is reshaped to accept a crown, or “cap” which slides on top, protecting and strengthening the tooth. With proper oral care, a crown can be expected to last 8 to 10 years, or even longer.



16082073_mWhen a tooth is lost, it leaves a gap that can be uncomfortable or unsightly. In many patients, a good way of filling the gap is with a non-removable bridge. The tooth on either side of the gap is reshaped and a bridge is fabricated that covers the two remaining teeth, which are connected by a false, “floating” tooth. Porcelain Bridges look very natural in both front and back areas.


Root canal treatment

5895832_sWhile nobody likes to consider or talk about Root Canal Treatments, they are an important part of preserving teeth. The inside of a tooth, or pulp, is a living organ that can die due to decay, trauma, or other reasons. In these cases, the tooth can be saved with a root canal treatment. This procedure involves cleaning, reshaping, and filling the inside of the tooth so that it is no longer painful. The tooth then becomes similar to a thumbnail, where it is kept but has no sensation of its own. The best time to perform a root canal, if it is recommended, is during a time when the tooth does not hurt on its own. Putting a root canal treatment off leaves opportunity for a toothache, which can occur at very inconvenient times. A tooth that receives a root canal treatment becomes brittle over the months and years following treatment, so it is frequently recommended that the tooth receive a crown in conjunction with the root canal treatment to prevent breakage.


Dental Implants

32591656_mIf a tooth has been lost, the best way of replacing it in most circumstances is with a Dental Implant.  This is a procedure that is completed right here in our office.  Dr. Fowler has pursued the best training available today to make sure that your implant procedure is a success!  Please visit our Dental Implant page for more details, or feel free to Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.  Dental implants are a comfortable, natural-looking way to restore your smile and chewing ability!  They can be used to anchor or stabilize an uncomfortable or rocking denture, and there are very few people who are not a candidate!  Contact us today!



vlcsnap-00008We can help straighten your teeth and improve the way you feel about your smile through the use of rapid, modern orthodontic techniques, now including the Cfast Invisible Brace System. Unless they are wildly out of place, most people don’t generally care about the position of their back teeth. What they want is to have the “social six” – the visible front teeth – to be in alignment, and they want it fast!
We love seeing you smile and want to give you your best smile. Please contact us for a free orthodontic consultation.


Gum Disease

A leading cause of tooth loss is gum disease. As plaque accumulates on the teeth, it acts like a sliver or foreign object in the gums, and the reaction is similar to a sliver in your hand. The gums get red, inflamed, sore, and bleed easily. In the hand, the sliver needs removed, and it’s the same with the gums. The way of removing the sliver in the gums is with thorough cleaning by our dental hygienist, who will remove the plaque and calculus (also called tartar) from the teeth, allowing the gums to heal. Stopping any gum disease prevents it from spreading into the bone that supports the teeth and prevents further problems.


Jaw pain, tooth grinding, headaches

BruxismMany people, in fact, most people, grind their teeth without knowing they do it. This happens in our sleep as well as sometimes during our waking hours. Grinding teeth causes premature wear and physical damage to the teeth. Sometimes it causes a tooth to break. We would like to help all of our patients to prevent this damage with one of several treatments. These treatments frequently help alleviate Jaw pain, headaches, snoring, and sleep problems. Ask us what treatment might be right for you.


Oral Cancer screenings

24085718_sDuring your cleaning and checkup, we take time to carefully look at the soft tissues in your mouth to make sure you don’t have any sores that may be the beginning of something more serious. Please bring anything you’re concerned about to our attention at the time of your visit.


Cosmetic dentistry

Don't let sleep apnea derail your holiday season Benchmark Dental CareIf you are not pleased with the appearance of your smile or your teeth, we have multiple means of changing the way they look. Bonding is a method of changing the appearance of the teeth in a single, painless visit. It includes the hand-placement of tooth colored filling material over the top of the tooth to give a shape that you desire. It is less expensive than other options, but also has its limits. Veneers are a more expensive method, but a less limited and more precise means of symmetrical and nearly-perfect smile. Some veneers can be placed without any modification to the shape of the tooth, but in some cases a tooth or some teeth may need to be reshaped for the veneer to fit.



We have several means of in-office, overnight, or daytime wear whitening solutions. We’re concerned with minimizing sensitivity and/or soreness, and use only those materials that have been shown to reduce sensitivity and treat the tooth with fluoride as you whiten.

Smiling Lips

Most procedures

As you can see, most procedures can be completed right here in our office. If you have questions regarding services that you don’t see listed here, please feel free to ask.

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