How can I decrease the damage to my kids’ teeth during Halloween?

Most children will go Trick-or-Treating this year bringing home a bag full of sugary treats! How much fun for kids this night will be! What isn’t fun is the nightmare created in the mouths of these kiddos after eating so much sugar. Here are some great tips to decrease the damage Halloween candy can do to your teeth.

Sticky, chewy candy is the worst for your teeth. It is the hardest to scrub off and seems to get into every nook and cranny and can cause cavities. Avoid these candies if possible. Maybe your child would be willing to trade some of the sticky candy for other kinds or a privilege instead of a candy. My kids love to be able to stay up a little later so they would be happy to trade some candy for a later bedtime. Truth be told, my kids never even notice when I sneak certain kinds of candy out of their bags! Shhhh, don’t tell them!

Some people choose to set out some candy in a bowl and let their families have a little at a time snacking on it all day. This is the worst thing you can do! Then your pearly whites are coated in sugar all day. A better idea is after dinner, let your kids get their candy stash out and have a free for all for dessert. This way, you can make sure that immediately after eating the sugary goodness, they are brushing really well and flossing.

Time for a teeth-brushing party! Model great habits for your kids. If your kids see that you enjoy a good Reese’s cup or bag of M&M’s but you then make sure to take great care of your teeth afterward, they will see the importance of it and be more likely to as well. After you have your free for all candy dessert, everyone head to the bathroom together and make it a fun time of teeth brushing. It doesn’t take much to turn it into five minutes of fun.

Little kids love getting new toothbrushes! The toothbrush aisle is filled with all of their favorite characters on the brushes. Right before Halloween is the perfect time to get them a new toothbrush. They need to be replaced every few months anyway. They will be so excited to use their new Batman or Elsa toothbrush. Maybe even get a light-up one!

This season is also a wonderful time to schedule your next cleaning. What better time to have a hygienist take a look and give a little scrub? To schedule your cleaning give us a call at 970-686-7858 or 970-667-8782.

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