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We Know You Are Busy

Nobody likes temporary crowns! You go to the dentist, he or she prepares your tooth for a new crown, an impression is taken, then a big bulky temporary crown is put in your mouth. Three weeks later, you have to take more time off of work to return, have the temp pulled out and the permanent crown installed.

No More Temporary Crowns – No Need for a Return Visit!

Cerec tooth crowns inlays veneers in a day chairside crowns and restorations in windsor and lovelandAt Benchmark Dental we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest advances in the dental industry. We make investments in the technology and training that we feel will best help us to serve our patients. We know the pressures you face in everyday life, we face those same pressures – supporting families, raising children, and having successful careers. Of all of the challenges we face, time pressures may be the most difficult. So when we saw the technology that would allow our patients to come into the office and have a crown completed in a single visit – no temporary crown – no return appointment, we decided to make the investment.

CEREC CEramic REConstruction

The CEREC is a revolutionary way to restore your teeth in a single visit. CEREC (also called Chairside Economical Restoration in Esthetic Ceramics) is a cutting edge computer and milling machine used to manufacture tooth restorations, like crowns, inlays, and veneers.

Crowns in a day cerec wand scannerInstead of taking an impression of your teeth, installing a temporary crown, and waiting weeks to get your permanent crown back from the lab, CEREC uses an optical imaging wand to create an digital scan image of the area. This data is then transferred to the milling machine and your new crown, inlay or veneer is milled in about 10 minutes.

Your new tooth is made from the same E-Max ceramic crown material that we get from the lab. This crown is considered to be the best match with your own natural teeth. The translucent color and lifelike shape ensures that it is unlikely to be noticed amongst your own natural teeth. Doctor Fowler will bond the CEREC with a special bonding cement using the latest in materials.  He will then make sure the bite is accurate and glaze and polish your new crown to perfection.

Benefits of Chairside Crowns

  • Save time in your busy schedule
  • No need for a second visit that may require additional numbing
  • No uncomfortable temporary crown
  • Transportation for elderly people can be a challenge – only make one trip
  • Insurance pays the same

With the CEREC Crowns in a Day, we continue to offer you premium treatment at no additional cost!

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