The Truth About “Teeth in a Day”

The Truth About “Teeth in a Day”

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the claims of “teeth in a day”. At Benchmark Dental Care, we have long taken issue with the type of advertising some dentists do claiming anyone can have a new tooth in a single day with dental implants. Most of the time and for most patients, this isn’t true. A single tooth replacement using a dental implant typically takes a few months from start to finish. However, when multiple teeth are being replaced, teeth in a day is indeed possible in certain situations.

Are Dental Implant “Teeth in a Day” Really Possible?

At Benchmark Dental Care we can do teeth in a day when all of a patient’s lower teeth are being replaced at once. There are several reasons for this:

  1. When you use multiple implants to hold a hybrid denture, each implant exponentially increases the the strength or stability of the new teeth.
  2. The “teeth in a day” or full-arch procedure involves much less healing time.  This streamlines the healing process. Typically, since the implants are placed with teeth on them immediately, a patient should not need repeated visits during the healing process.  This also means that we only have one surgical day, and then no more need for shots or surgery.
  3. For this procedure, specific implants are selected to make use of all of the available bone in order to have a stable and predictable outcome.

An Actual “Teeth in a Day” Procedure

A patient recently came to our Windsor, Colorado office with severe problems with his lower teeth. In fact, some of them were so loose he was afraid they were going to fall right out. He was in continual pain, and unable to chew anything due to his dental condition.

In the photo below we see advanced periodontitis – a serious inflammatory disease of the gums that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. Our best option is to remove the teeth, replace them with implants, eliminate the infection, and stop the bone loss.

Once the teeth are removed, we smooth the bone and then carefully place the new manmade roots into the jaw. The implants will integrate into the bone in the same manner as a manmade knee or hip, preventing further bone loss and providing a strong foundation for the new teeth.

Below we see the second implant being precisely and carefully inserted into the jaw. The first dental implant placed is visible to the right in the photo.

The process of inserting the implant is repeated for each predetermined location. If you have heard the term All On Four, this is a reference to placing four implants and installing all the false teeth on the lower denture on these four implants. In this patient’s case we used six implants.  We prefer six implants because it has a minimal effect on cost, but has a major effect on the reliability and predictability of this treatment.  If you have further questions about this, please contact us for a consultation.

Below we see all of the dental implants in place:

Once all the implants are in place, the patient is ready for a temporary, or interim, bridge.  Since this is a single-visit procedure, we have to have a material that can be easily customized to fit the newly placed implants in the office.  Therefore, we start out with an acrylic bridge or denture.  This is strong enough to chew on and will last well during the healing period, which is typically about 3 months.  During this time, a patient needs to clean around it carefully and take care to chew only soft food for the first 3 months of healing time. This is to be sure that the implants are able to integrate into the bone fully without becoming loosened. Frequently, a person whose teeth are this sick has been on a restricted diet due to pain in the teeth, therefore not much change in the daily routine is necessary.

Below is a picture of our example patient’s new teeth the day of his Teeth in a Day treatment.

A person  who embarks on this type of treatment will be impressed at how quickly they return to eating foods that they used to enjoy. You will regain confidence in speaking and smiling.

This patient was able to eat dinner the night of the procedure, and when he came back to the office for follow up two days later, he said that he was free of pain.  This treatment offers patients a complete restoration solution without having to return to the office for multiple visits, bone grafting, or time spent in a denture that doesn’t fit precisely, and that moves during speech and eating.

If you currently have ailing or failing teeth, are thinking about dentures, or are currently wearing dentures, this is something you should consider.  If you currently have a denture, there are also implant procedures that can make your life with dentures more fulfilling while keeping the dentures you have. There are a wide range of ways in which we can help a person live a more fulfilling life with dentures.

There are very few dental offices that can offer this type of treatment. However, here at Benchmark Dental, this is a regularly available treatment thanks to the benefits of 3D Cone Beam imaging and advanced implant training that Dr. Fowler has taken.