Don’t Damage Your Teeth – Be Careful of These Foods!

Your favorite Northern Colorado family dentists at Benchmark Dental are wanting to bring you more information about your oral health and your teeth. Something important to watch out for, are foods that can potentially damage your teeth.

The following foods are extremely bad for your teeth:

  • Hard Candy: These can chip or break your teeth from chewing on them!
  • Ice: Chewing on such a hard substance can break your teeth and damage your enamel.
  • Alcohol: This can cause dehydration and chronic dry mouth. It also reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth over time, which can lead to oral infections and tooth decay. Drinking heavily could potentially increase the risk of getting mouth cancer.
  • Sports Drinks: These drinks have a high sugar content and drinking water is a better option.
  • Soda/Coke: These also have a very high sugar content and cause bacteria to build up in your mouth. They are also very acidic, which is bad for your teeth.
  • Coffee: This can stain your teeth as well as dry out your mouth. Also, be sure to watch how much sugar you add to your coffee.
  • Citrus: Fruits and juices are very acidic and can erode your enamel over time. This can make your teeth more susceptible to decay. Acid also irritates any sores in your mouth.

Benchmark Dental Care, your dental office in Northern Colorado, wants you to be in the know so that you can take care of your teeth. This will prevent dental emergencies, and keep your smile happy and healthy.

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