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We would like to announce a new product line at Benchmark Dental, the ZEST Denture Stabilization System.

InPlace Zest Denture Stabilization System

The Zest anchors are exclusively designed for denture stabilization. They were developed to solve a number of problems associated with the day to day use of overdentures:

  • ZEST Locator Attachments offer a unique pivoting attachment technology that increases the dentures resilience and tolerance for the high chewing forces associated with eating certain foods.
  • Pivoting Denture Caps – These allow you to chew with confidence that the denture won’t pop out while maintaining maximum comfort.
  • Dual Retention Surfaces – The ZEST system provides a firm connection both inside and outside of the attachment. Other “universal” systems only hold the denture on the outside of the implant. This means that they could become dislodged during chewing. (See image below)
  • Self Aligning Seating Technology – This enables easier placement of the implant by the patient. They simply snap into place!
  • Variable Strength Retention Forces – The retention force regulates how tightly the over-denture adheres to the head of the implant. ZEST Offers 1.5, 3 and 5 pound retention strengths. This means you can feel confident that the denture will stay in place, but you will still be able to remove it with ease when needed.
ZEST Denture Stabilization System for over dentures

The dual retention feature, shown in pink, means the denture holds to the implant on both the inside and outside edges.

Greater Versatility for Denture Wearers

Most dentists use a universal implant system. this means that they place a generic implant and choose the mounting cap that is needed for the specific application. The ZEST System is designed for dentures. The implants themselves are thinner with allows them to be placed in a wider range of bone density without the need for costly bone grafting procedures.

Lower Cost Denture Stabilization

Because this system is designed to do one thing and one thing only, the material costs are lower. In fact, they are one half to one third of the cost of denture stabilization using “universal” implants. So they cost less and work better than any other system we have seen on the market.

Denture Stabilization Introductory Offer!

We are offering denture stabilization using the Zest Implant System for just $2995.00. This includes two implants and the over-denture!

To make this even better, we are offering a free consultation. Just call (970) 686-7858 to schedule today! 

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