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A laser?  For my teeth?  

Yes, we employ many of the latest technologies for dentistry, and laser dentistry is one of the best.  By using a

Waterlase iPlus dental laser painless fillings no shots no dental drillspecialized laser beam directed at the tooth surface, cavities can be removed without ever touching the tooth.  This is important because of the fact that traditional drills, while still the standard for many treatments, are hard on tooth structure.  Because they spin at high speeds as they cut, it is possible for a dental drill to cause micro-fractures in a tooth.  Also, due to the friction of the drill against the tooth, it is possible for the tooth to become overheated, which can lead to sensitivity, pain, or even the need for  a root canal due to damaging the tooth’s nerve.

How does it work?

 The Waterlase iPlus directs a beam of energy at the tooth’s surface and energizes the Graphic of laser tip cutting toothwater molecules located within and on the tooth.  As it does so, that water molecule turns to vapor, causing a release of energy and a bursting of the water molecule.  This bursting takes a small amount of tooth with it as the water vaporizes, and as the process is repeated, a preparation similar to that of the drill is achieved.  The laser is safe, gentle, and poses less risks to the tooth than a drill.  Due to the releasing of energy, the tooth is actually cooled by a few degrees, preventing any damage to the nerve.  Since there is no friction or contact with the tooth, micro-fracturing is not a possibility.

One of the amazing features of the Waterlase iPlus is that its energy is sedating to the tooth.  While it’s not the same as local anesthetic (what most people refer to as “Novacaine”) it is soothing and calming to the nerve.  After a brief period of directing the laser’s energy at the tooth, it becomes less responsive to stimuli, and that leads to a major breakthrough in dentistry: fillings without shots!  In most cases (about 8 our of 10), our patients don’t need to be numbed for their fillings.  Imagine getting fillings done in multiple areas of the mouth without any shots, without any numbness, and without feeling self-conscious when you leave!

Is it just for fillings? 

No, the Waterlase iPlus isn’t just for fillings, it can be used for many other surgical procedures that would traditionally be completed with a scalpel.  Due to the unique properties of this incredible laser, it can cut soft tissue as well.  Since the laser does less damage to the tissues at the incision than a scalpel does, it causes less inflammation, leading to less pain and swelling after a procedure.  Periodontal surgeries, implant surgeries, even root canals, can be completed faster and with better outcomes and shorter healing times.  As with any other instrument that we use, it has its limits, but tends to improve the experience in the dental office overall.

Questions?  We’re here for you.  

Please take a moment and check out the images and videos below for more information.    If you have any questions or would like to know more, please stop by, give us a call at 970-686-7858, 970-667-8782, or feel free to Contact Us however is most convenient to you.

The Laser Vs. The Drill

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