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Here at BenchMark Dental of Windsor Colorado, our dentists strive every day to set the standard in patient comfort, quality of care, comprehensiveness of services, and gentleness. We believe that comprehensive dental care, whether it be for a straighter smile, restoring decay, maintaining gum health, or even rebuilding your whole smile, will improve your quality of life. We started our dental practice in Riverton Wyoming in 1988, and decided to open up a practice in beautiful Windsor Colorado in 2011. We believe that your family’s dental care can be provided to you in a gentle, painless, and economical way, and that a healthy smile will enhance your life! We want you to experience the gentle side of dentistry!

Why is comprehensive dental care important? By visiting your dentist regularly, you can improve your smile and overall health by preventing dental problems and catching small problems before they become emergencies. Healthy teeth and gums contribute to good overall health, and poor dental health is being linked to multiple diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even alzheimer’s. Why wait until a simple filling requires a root canal? The best way to minimize your time spent in the dental chair is to make routine visits to the dentist for the easy and painless things!

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