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An emergency dentist can fix your injured tooth. The seriousness of the damage to your tooth often defines if urgent treatment is required.
However, minor injuries like chipped teeth still require to be fixed because it makes them more vulnerable to deterioration, but such treatment can wait a few weeks. Severe injuries, like a crack reaching the pulp section, need prompt treatment.

Treatments That An Emergency Dentist  Suggests For An Injured Tooth Are:

1. Dental Crowns

Crowns are one of the most popular restoration procedures that protect teeth and prevent them from splitting apart. They also fix the appearance of damaged teeth as they fully cover them up. A crown gets designed to look just like a natural tooth, so it blends well with the rest of the patient’s teeth color and shape.
Crowns get usually advised when a patient has moderate to severe injury to teeth. A tooth fixing procedure involves two visits to the dentist. On the first visit, your dentists will prepare the tooth by extracting little tooth enamel to fit the crown. An impression is taken during the first visit, and a temporary crown gets placed on the patient’s tooth until the next visit.
The impression is then sent to a lab where dental restorations like crowns get made. Then the custom restoration returns to the emergency dentist in about two weeks. The patient will have to come back for the second visit to the dental office in Windsor to get their temporary crown removed and fitted with a new permanent custom-made crown.

2. Root Canal Therapy

Damage that extends to a tooth’s pulp chamber need root canal therapy. A tooth’s pulp chamber is shut off from the rest of its crown when a tooth is undamaged, which stops the bacteria in the mouth from reaching the nerves and other connective tissue.
An injury that involves the pulp chamber makes a tooth vulnerable to infection. Root canal therapy can help prevent this. The treatment can also get used to treating an infected tooth.
In root canal therapy a hole is drilled into the tooth using dental tools to extract the pulp chamber’s content. The area is cleansed and medicated before sealing the tooth. Then a crown gets often placed on the tooth restored with a root canal.

3. Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, the damage to a tooth is too severe that it becomes impossible to restore and the only option left to save other teeth from getting infected is to remove the infected teeth. The emergency dentist can execute a simple extraction where the tooth is pulled out with forceps. Surgical tooth extractions are required when the dentist makes an incision into the gum to extract a tooth. The space left by the removed tooth is replaced with an oral prosthetic maybe an implant crown.

An injured tooth can cause several other problems like discomfort and pain while chewing, if you also have a toothache or an injured tooth, visit an emergency dentist immediately. At our dental office in Windsor, we have experienced dentists who can fix your dental issues and will try to do their best to give you a pleasing smile in no time.